For ensuring that all the ambitious objectives are achieved, the project DaLiCo develops a set of five interconnected activities. Therefore, the following distinctive Intellectual Outputs will result:

    • Data Literacy Map – which will visualize existing competencies and personal expertise including resources, projects and good practice examples.
    • Train-the-Trainer concept – including training handbook, e-leaning material and teachers’ notes. Learning material will be conceptualized and designed in a way which allows a modular use. Modules will address generic Data Literacy competencies such as data culture, data ethics and critical thinking and will incorporate country specific views, experiences, approaches and perspectives.
    • Data Literacy Learning space – concept for the relevant content and components including implementation of a Data Learning Lab.
    • Data Literacy measurement and assessment tool – which will assist in mapping individual existing Data Literacy skills and which will help to identify potential gaps.
    • Pilot concept for local implementation of international Data Literacy standard – including corresponding recommendations of how to incorporate various local conditions.
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