Data Literacy in Context - DaLiCo

The Erasmus+-funded international project “Data Literacy in Context” DaLiCo focused on increasing the visibility, quality, and usage of existing Data Literacy activities at the participating universities. From September 2019 until October 2022 the project brought together four European Universities of Applied Sciences with the mutual mission to foster data literacy education: HAW Hamburg as the Coordinator of the project, Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Debrecen and Universitat Politècnica de València as partners.

Within the project we identified needs of study programmes regarding data literacy competencies and pursued a flexible prototypical development of the concepts and implementation of first results:


The findings and outcomes of our project work are documented in five intertwining outputs:

  1. DaLiCo App, with integrated Glossary
  2. Train-the-Trainer Handbook and e-Learning Course
  3. Virtual Data Literacy Learning Space
  4. Assessment Instrument
  5. Concept for Implementing Data Literacy into Curricula

All results are available online and open accessible. We hope to stimulate discussion and give impulses for further developments into the data literacy community. The results are expected to have an impact beyond the project, as e.g. the DaLiCo summer schools, which will continue to be implemented by the partners as an extra-curricular activity.

DaLiCo App is a searchable collection of references of data literacy resources curated by the DaLiCo Team. With a focus on resources on the topic of data literacy education the app provides entry points to learning and teaching materials, relevant educational frameworks and bibliographies on data literacy, as well as projects and experts at the partner institutions. The resources are keyworded with descriptors from the integrated DaLiCo Glossary. The DaLiCo Glossary is a collection of key concepts in the field of data literacy (education). It is structured as a thesaurus.

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