DaLiCo project finalized!

The Erasmus+ funded project officially ended on 31 October 2022. All partners of the project came together one last time on this day in Utrecht, finalizing last tasks, and reminiscing and evaluating the last three years.
An update of outputs will be given shortly on this website.

Data Literacy in Context – DaLiCo

is a EU funded international project with the goal to increase the visibility, quality and usage of existing Data Literacy activities at the four participating European Universities of Applied Sciences: HAW Hamburg as the Coordinator of the project, Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Debrecen and Universitat Politècnica de València as partners.

The project partners will establish collaboration and infrastructures between departments, institutions and external partners to promote the building of a Data Literacy community for conveying Data Literacy competencies and thus, contribute to a cultural change at the participating institutions regarding student’s and lecturer’s attitudes towards Data Literacy and openness. Based on this foundation complementary concepts will be created and realized for the collaborating universities.

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