Summer Schools

During the project three Learning Teaching Training events in the form of summer schools on Data Literacy have been taken place virtually, each focusing on a different topic and taking place in a different Partner Country (Germany, Netherlands, Hungary).

In the course of these international summer schools students and lecturers have worked on a number of generic Data Literacy issues e.g. “Evaluation and Ensuring Quality of Data and Sources”, “Data Manipulation” or “Data Interpretation” within a specific context and in a cooperative manner. Specific contexts within the summer schools were open government data, health data and research data, and open science. In addition to input from external experts, students – cooperating in international teams – were also actively involved in working on different problems. Thus, the participating students have developed solutions together and presented them.

The most important results are enhanced students’ and teachers’ Data Literacy competencies. Students as well as teachers have developed increasing Data Literacy competencies within their courses, through self-paced learning activities in the learning lab and by attending additional training activities. Overall, this enlarged student’s ability of collaborative learning, critical thinking, solving highly interdepend and complex problems. 

The first Summer School in 2020 with the topic Open Government Data, organised by the HAW Hamburg,
took place virtually from September 28th to October 2nd 2020.

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The second Summer School focused on the domain health and was organised by the Hogeschool Utrecht with support of all DaLiCo partners. It was also held virtually, from 23rd till 27th of August 2021.

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The third Summer School focused on the topic research data management and was organised by the University of Debrecen with support of all DaLiCo partners. It was held virtually, from 11th to 17th of July 2022.

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The data projects which were created during the summer schools by the students
are displayed on the project website under

An impression of our first DaLiCo Summer School in 2020, which took place virtually
with students and teachers from all four partner countries.

DaLiCo Summer School 2020
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