Open Governmental Data – Virtual Summer School 2020

Doing cool things with Open (Governmental) Data

The Summer School is introductory into Open (Governmental) Data and interdisciplinary.

Oriented on the competencies of the Ridsdale-Matrix the process of a scientific research project will be addressed. Topics of the Summer School include the topic areas data collection with data research and data quality, data evaluation, especially data analysis, data presentation and visualization, as well as data
application, especially data sharing.
In the realization of this broad spectrum three “lines of content” are established:

  1. introduction into Open Government Data from different perspectives
    (provider, user) and vivid work on examples (input and hands-on)
  2. impulses will support discussions, reflections and look beyond their specific
    fields (input)
  3. Data project – the participants will work (mostly in teams) on an own data project, which will lead through a data lifecycle, from the access of data to presentation and visualization. The results will be implemented and shown on a communal platform.

An introductory session as well as a guide through the project work of the week will be given, using the data from the World Happiness Report exemplary. On this base, subtopics will be established, and research questions formed using the original datasets.
In further workshops more specific competencies will be taught, transferring the
learned skills of the participants to the work of their own data project.

One aim of the Summer School is to increase awareness of Open Governmental Data and to bring to mind the importance of data in general, how they can be used and what kind of impact they can have in different areas, even unwanted impacts.
Furthermore, for the academic background the aim lies in conveying how to use data for one’s research work.
During the Summer School the work will be done on real data and projects. The Summer School offers a variety of didactic formats like input lectures, hands-on workshops und project work.
The social interaction supplementary to the project work in groups and the intercultural experience in international groups will be especially addressed in regard to the virtual situation.
Master or PhD students, with own data projects or with an interest in data projects.
Teacher: project partners and experts for OGD as well as methods and tools
Hamburg, Valencia, Utrecht, Debrecen – virtually

How to register:

If you are interested in participating in the Summer School please fill out the follwing form in english and send it back to:    dalico (@) haw-hamburg . de



For any questions please contact the DaLiCo team via this e-mail as well: dalico (@) haw-hamburg . de

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