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DaLiCo – Data Literacy in Context

The Erasmus+-funded international project “Data Literacy in Context” brings together four European Universities of Applied Sciences with the mutual mission to foster data literacy education: HAW Hamburg as the Coordinator of the project, Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Debrecen and Universitat Politècnica de València as partners.

The project DaLiCo is focusing on increasing the visibility, quality and usage of existing Data Literacy activities at the participating universities. Subsequently, the project partners will develop collaboration and infrastructures between departments, institutions and external partners to encourage the building of a Data Literacy community for conveying Data Literacy competencies and thus,

  • contribute to a cultural change at the participating institutions regarding student’s and lecturer’s attitudes towards Data Literacy and openness,
  • enable lecturers and students to develop custom-tailored procedures to successfully deal with data in their specific domain and
  • significantly increase lecturer’s and student’s data competencies and thus increase their academic success and qualify them for a successful career by adapting to the growing needs for Data Literacy competencies in the increasingly data driven job markets.

As an inter-university network, DaLiCo goes beyond the purely scientific field in its project and includes practical contacts that contribute their knowledge from the professional environment. The project also enables lecturers and students to develop tailor-made procedures to deal successfully with data in their specific field and to significantly increase their own data competence and thus their academic performance.

DaLiCo is also part of the Germany-wide Data Literacy Education Network, which is supported by DATEV and the Stifterverband (more information see Stifterverband). The aim of the network is that the universities benefit from each other’s experience through professional exchange, peer-to-peer formats and collegial advice, and thus support each other in the implementation of their data literacy programs.

The objectives of the project then result in five interconnected sub-projects: the compilation of data literacy resources leading to a so-called Data Literacy Map, a proven Train-the-Trainer concept, a concept for data literacy learning spaces, a measurement and assessment tool for data literacy activities, and finally a pilot concept for the regional implementation of common international data literacy standards of the partners.

This creates an interdisciplinary offer for the acquisition of knowledge in the field of data literacy in order to make the already existing expertise of existing universities and departments transparent and to support their further development.

Partners in the DaLiCo project

This strategic partnership consists of four European Universities of Applied Sciences
from Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary and Spain.


Prof. Christine Gläser (Faculty of Design, Media, Information, Dept. Information)
Professor for Information Services, Electronic Publishing, Data Structuring and Metadata; Metadata Management, Research Data Management and Information Literacy.

Focus in Teaching and Research: Learning Spaces, Open Science, Digital and Data Literacy.
Former Research project: Learning Spaces in Higher Education (2017-2019)

   Contact: christine.glaeser (@) haw-hamburg.de

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Spree (Faculty of Design, Media, Information, Dept. Information)
Professor for Information Services and Information Transfer in Media Documentation. She teaches Knowledge Organization and User Experience.

Main topics/core competencies: (online) lexicography, knowledge organization, Quality of information services, Historical Semantics

   Contact: ulrike.spree (@) haw-hamburg.de

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Weißbach (Faculty of Business & Social Sciences, Dept. Business)
Professor for business informatics with a focus on qualification of non-computer scientists for system design (algorithmization, data and process modelling)
Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Business & Social Sciences

Main areas of work: Qualification of non-computer scientists for system design

   Contact: ruediger.weissbach (@) haw-hamburg.de

Christine Hoffmann (Faculty of Business & Social Sciences)
Representative for E-Learning and Digital Literacy in the deanery of the Faculty for Business and Social Sciences

   Contact: christine.hoffmann (@) haw-hamburg.de

Kristin Ameis (Faculty of Design, Media, Information, Dept. Information)
Project assistant for DaLiCo
Master student of “Information, Media, Library” at HAW Hamburg

   Contact: kristin.ameis (@) haw-hamburg.de

Dr. Guido Ongena
Department: Process innovation & Information systems
Expertise: data science applications, adoption of technology, design science research

   Contact: guido.ongena (@) hu.nl

Paul Postmes
Department: Process innovation & Information systems

   Contact: paul.postmes (@) hu.nl

Judit Éva Fazekas-Paragh
Head of Department at Education and Research Support Department, University of Debrecen and National Library

   Contact: jparagh (@) lib.unideb.hu

Edit Klára Görögh
Reference services, University of Debrecen and National Library

   Contact: editg (@) lib.unideb.hu

J. Alberto Conejero
Director of the Department of Applied Mathematics
Interests in: Biomedical Data Analysis, Graph Theory, Network Science, and in the applications of Mathematics to Computational, Systems and Synthetic Biology, and Communication Networks

   Contact: aconejero (@) mat.upv.es

Andrea Conchado Peiró
Industrial Engineer, PhD in Statistics and Optimization
working in Data Analysis

   Contact: anconpei (@) eio.upv.es

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